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Chicken Piccata over Vignarola Vegetables

Chicken Piccata over Vignarola Vegetables


Allergens: Dairy, Wheat, Contain Potatoes, Contain Fava Beans 


Approx. Weight of Product: 22 Oz

Main Ingredient Approx. Row Weight: About 10 Oz of Chicken Things


Why you should try this:

Who doesn't like Chicken Piccata? Our delicious and classic Chicken Piccata is made just like tradition dictates, with tender and juicy chicken thighs sautéed to perfection and then topped with a savory whine, lemon and caper sauce. But what makes this dish truly special is our celebrated side dish "Vignarola Vegetables," a delightful medley of fresh spring vegetables such as artichokes, peas, and fava beans, lightly sautéed and seasoned to perfection. This dish is the perfect marriage of flavors and textures, with the brightness of the lemon and capers perfectly complementing the earthy and wholesome flavors of the Vignarola Vegetables. Whether you're a fan of chicken thighs or just love a good Chicken Piccata, this dish is sure to become a new favorite. So, bring the taste of Italy home with our Chicken Piccata over Vignarola Vegetables.

Buon Appetito


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