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Meatballs Madness

Meatballs Madness


Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat


Approx. Weight of Product: 1 Lb 12 Oz Total Product


Why you should try this:

Indulge in a taste of comfort with our Meatballs Madness dish. Our house-made meatballs are crafted from scratch using a blend of premium ground beef and pork. First pan-fried and then simmered to perfection in our Tomato Sauce sauce for a perfect blend of flavors.

These small meatballs are designed to grab hold of as much sauce as possible while maintaining their tender, juicy texture. Whether you want to pair them with pasta, sandwich them between slices of bread, or simply enjoy them on their own, our Meatballs Madness are sure to satisfy your cravings for a delicious and hearty meal. Experience the ultimate comfort food with our mouthwatering Meatballs Madness today!

Buon Appetito


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