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Mezzi Paccheri wt Nerano Sauce & Shrimp

Mezzi Paccheri wt Nerano Sauce & Shrimp


Allergens:  Dairy, Wheat, Fish, Crustacean 


Approx. Weight of Product:  1 Lb 6 Oz

Main Ingredient Approx. Row Weight: 8 EA Shrimp - About 4 1/2 Oz


Why you should try this:

Introducing our Mezzi Paccheri with Nerano Sauce & Shrimp, a delicious and gourmet twist on the classic Pasta alla Nerano. This celebrated dish is named after the beach town where it was invented and combines pasta and zucchini with elements of Cheese and Pepper for a unique and flavorful experience. Our dish takes it up a notch by adding succulent large shrimp to the mix, making it a zesty and satisfying meal and, ..... but this is a secret ..... by adding a little Umami Taste with the use of a single Cetara Achovie. The provolone used in the sauce brings  up the flavor of zucchini, while the addition of basil adds a wonderful aroma to the dish. This is Not only incredibly delicious, but it's also a good choice for a gourmet meal at home. Try our Mezzi Paccheri with Nerano Sauce & Shrimp for a taste of Italy in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Buon Appetito


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