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Strozzapreti alla Contadina

Strozzapreti alla Contadina


Allergens: Dairy, Wheat


Approx. Weight of Product:  1 Lb 4 Oz


Why you should try this:

Our Strozzapreti alla Contadina features a delectable combination of sweet peas, mushrooms, asparagus, guanciale, cherry tomatoes, and sausage, all mixed with perfectly cooked strozzapreti pasta. The addition of peperoncino adds a subtle kick of heat, while the pecorino romano cheese adds a rich and savory flavor. This rustic and comforting dish is a perfect choice for a Sunday meal with family and friends. Each bite is a burst of Italian flavors and the perfect al dente texture of the pasta will leave you craving for more. Try our Strozzapreti alla Contadina for a truly authentic Italian pasta experience. 

Buon Appetito


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