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Strozzapreti alla Puttanesca wt Tuna (Slightly Spiced)

Strozzapreti alla Puttanesca wt Tuna (Slightly Spiced)


Allergens: Wheat, Fish, Dairy


Approx. Weight of Product: 1 Lb 8 Oz

Main Ingredient Approx. Row Weight: Tuna Fillet 5 to 6 Oz


Why you should try this:

The bold and flavorful taste of my Strozzapreti alla Puttanesca with Tuna (Slightly Spiced) is going to stay long time in your memory. I started with high-grade imported pasta, always cooked to perfect al dente texture, then i tossed it with a homemade puttanesca sauce made with capers, black olives and finished with my signature tomato sauce and Romano Cheese. 

The star of the dish is the Ahi Tuna, cooked to the minimal internal temperature to ensure your safety and finished inside the sauce, to re-moist the protein. The dish is lightly spiced for a satisfying kick, making it a perfect choice for those who love a little heat in their meals. Treat yourself to this delectable and convenient meal option, perfect for a quick and delicious dinner.

Buon Appetito


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