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chef andrea moretti with fresh food

Andrea Moretti

Chef and Owner of The Mellow Kitchen

For general questions, click below to email us.

Personal Chef Experience

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Flavors We Dislike

Please list any flavors you and your guests would like us to refrain from using. (Example: garlic, cilantro, ect.) If there are none please type "none" in the text box.

Food Allergies

While more then 160 food items can cause allergic reactions, just nine of those account for 90 percent of all reactions in the United States. The Big Nine items are listed below, please check any food allergies that you and your guests have.

Food Allergies

Kitchen Appliances

We will mainly be using the kitchen appliances and equipment that are onsite, and we will bring some other specific equipment needed  to fulfill your experience. We need to know that they are all in working order and won't interrupt our service. Please check the box below to ensure we will be using a fully functioning kitchen.

All kitchen appliances and equipment are in good working order?
Will any animals be at the residence?

Thanks! We’ll be in touch!

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