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Home Meal Delivery

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Terms of Service

Our ordering system is superior because we prepare the meals on the day of delivery for maximum freshness. Get a delivery any day of the week.

1. Menu is subject to change daily.

2. Ordering closes at 11:59PM for next day delivery. No same day delivery is available.

3. Payment in full is required for your order.

4. Allergens are clearly marked on each dish. Please note this when ordering.

5. Minimum order is $35 per delivery

6. $7 delivery fee. Free delivery for orders over $45. Delivery area is 25 miles from 18040.

7. Deliveries will be made between 5pm to 8pm on your chosen delivery day.

8. If you are not home when the delivery is made, we will leave the delivery on your doorstep. We are not responsible for it after it is delivered. Please be sure to be home. Deliveries need to be refrigerated or frozen promptly.

9. Shelf life of 5 days starting from the production day.

10. You can not change or cancel your order after it is placed.

11. Meals can not be customized.

12. No refunds.

13. It is your responsibility to inform us of any allergies.

14. Reheating instructions can be found here. It is your responsibility to properly follow these instructions to ensure food safety.

Personal Chef Service Agreement

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Terms of Service

Menu Planning and Proposals:
The Mellow Kitchen’s chef will collaborate with you, our beloved client, with the menu proposal based on your chosen options via The Mellow Kitchen’s website.

To ensure we get your order 100% correct, The Mellow Kitchen asks that all client/chef correspondence is in writing via the website and/or email.

Proposals are to be confirmed one week prior to the dinner date. Sourcing of ingredients is included in the client’s menu choices.

A $100 Menu Planning Management Fee that includes extra correspondence, Special Ingredient Sourcing, and Extra Menu Planning might be charged when requests are more than from the standard.

All the agreed-upon menu items are subject to change from the initial menu due to ingredient availability, quality, or other unforeseeable factors. The client will be notified at once if specific options are not available.

Scheduling: Your “The Mellow Kitchen” chef will promptly arrive at your home at the agreed-upon time(s) on the agreed-upon date(s). Chef(s) will need full access to the cooking area for an estimated 2-5 hours. Please make your home accessible to your chef(s) on the scheduled cook date(s). If for some reason, your chef(s) cannot access your home or you are not home when he arrives there will be no refund on the service purchased.

Cancellations: Please provide at least 96 hours of advanced notice if you choose to cancel a cook date. If you fail to give proper notice to your chef, you will be charged for the full-service amount. Early cancellation will also result in a service fee.

Home Kitchens: The Mellow Kitchen chef(s) take great pride in their work and promise to respect you, your home, and your equipment. Your chef will leave the workspace as clean as they found it, remove the personal equipment, and put away all leftovers. Please make sure your kitchen area is clean and ready for your chef on their scheduled cook date(s). If chef(s) arrive at an unsuitable workspace, they will document the area with photos and a $50 cleaning fee will be added to the invoice for that service date. If the kitchen does not have basic functions available to The Mellow Kitchen chef(s), please let us know upon scheduling your cook date (like Oven, Stove, Etc.).

Food Safety: The Mellow Kitchen is not to be held liable if you choose to ignore common food safety practices such as undercooked meat or eggs and are not liable for the improper handling of leftovers after your chef has left your property. The Mellow Kitchen will abide by allergy and dietary restrictions.

The client must disclose all needs before confirming the menu and scheduling at least a week in advance.

Invoices and Accepted Payment Methods Options: All The Mellow Kitchen events will be paid in full at the time of booking. The Mellow Kitchen will be paid when the menu and date are confirmed.

The Mellow Kitchen accepts all major credit cards. If you have questions or would like to request additional information regarding The Mellow Kitchen, please contact us via our website contact form (linked below), or call 610-559-4738.

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